Enrichment Programs

Outdoor Education

Our students go on camping trips twice a year to embrace hands-on learning, outdoor education, teamwork, and experiential education. During these trips the students gain an understanding of stewardship for our natural resources as well as a love and respect for their natural surroundings.

Wisdom of the Hands

A woodshop program in which every student participates founded on the belief that having the hands engaged in learning is important for all students and supports all learning styles.


Heart Strings Studio

A music studio on campus where students are engaged in learning about music and also the exploration and creation of music.

Community Service

All students actively participate in various elected community service projects and high school students must allocate 40 hours to community service, a high school graduation requirement.


Juniors and Seniors are encouraged to work with a professional mentor in their chosen field of study. This program is ideal for furthering student education and helps them decide on a career path. Through this program, many students have discovered new careers that they had not previously considered. Students have had many exciting internships locally and throughout the United States. Course credit corresponds to skills and experience gained during the project. 

Travel Program

Beginning in fourth grade, students participate in well-defined educational journeys, specifically designed around integration of subjects studied throughout the year.

Arts Integration

The Arts are integrated into all of our programs, whether they are academic or one of our signature programs. Our students are asked to express their ideas and feelings through their imagination and skills and to develop both as they progress through school.

Spanish Language Class

All Students participate in Mrs. Carmen's awesome Spanish Language Class twice a week. This provides great opportunity to get comfortable using a foreign language with their peers.

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