Upper School

Heather Hughes and

Sam G. Fulkner: grade 7-12

(see their full bios here)

The Classroom

     Past president of the NAIS, Pat Bassett, has said "the block schedule concept for Clear Spring School is a great 21st century plan!"

     Currently the Upper School is composed of students in grades 7 to 12. Block scheduling and instructor interaction empower students to experience a stimulating learning environment.

     We offer instruction from qualified professionals in small classroom settings. With block scheduling, teachers benefit from more useable instructional time each day because less time is lost with beginning and ending classes. 

     Also, when students attend as many as 8 short classes in different subjects every day, instruction can become fragmented; longer class periods give students more time to think and engage in active, project-based learning, travel, and community involvement.

     This learning model is proven to be highly effective for students and continues the philosophy of the Clear Spring School into the Upper School years.

The Curriculum

     Combined with our tradition of service learning with local mentors, the Clear Spring School provides a comprehensive program of community involvement by preparing young adults for fulfilling lives after graduation.    

     Integrated into all of our academic studies are our signature programs and enrichment classes.    


The Travel Program is a point of integration for history, geography, civics, math, science, sociology, language and culture.


The Internship program is ideal for furthering student education and helps them decide on a career path. Through this program, many students have discovered new careers that they hadn't previously considered.


The Independent Studies program gives the student the opportunity to fulfill his or her credit needs. The program may also be used for students who have a special interest. 

Clear Spring School

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