Clear Spring School Block Curriculum 2021 -2022


Our curriculum is based on a block schedule.  Blocks are an intense integrated curriculum that consists of 6 weeks in one thematic area. These blocks contain a mix of academic areas such as language arts, math, science and social studies. Each block may be more heavily weighted in one of these areas. Throughout the year the blocks balance out to provide a rounded and full experience in all the academic disciplines.


As a progressive education institution we recognize that students arrive with different interests, academic abilities, strengths and challenges. We also recognize that students grow in spurts and plateaus, to meet this we group students by interest and ability, not necessarily age or grade level. On the lower campus, class groupings range from 1st to 6th grade and 7th to 10th grade.


This year's blocks center around community and engagement in the world around us. Students on the lower campus will have each teacher for six weeks in these integrated blocks. Two blocks out of the year the students will be in a class based on their age and travel abilities. These blocks will address developmentally appropriate needs, and are when the larger travel trips will take place.