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Clear Springs receives Whole Kids Bee Renewal Grant

Clear Spring is also the proud recipient of the Bee Renewal Grant from the Whole Kids

Foundation for the support of our schools’ bee mentor, Bethany Smith. This grant provided

Clear Spring with additional educational resources for the classrooms and some curriculum

development support for our bee mentor. Clear Spring has also been selected for the Whole

Kids Foundation “Share Your Story” feature page which will highlight our bee program on their website. “We are so proud of our bee program and excited to share our story with other schools and we hope that more schools begin to teach the importance of bees to the environment” said Jessica FitzPatrick, Head of School at Clear Spring. Clear Spring School is also participating in a “Pay it Forward” fundraiser to support the Bee Cause program for schools. “Although we sell our own honey in the fall the school wants to give back with a small honey fundraiser at our office selling the Bee Cause honey and proceeds will go to help other schools receive bee grants” noted Dawn Ward, the school’s Development Director.

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