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Clear Spring Receives Elks Grant

Holiday Island Elks Lodge gives grant to the Clear Spring School Library

Clear Spring School receives a $550 Book Grant from the Holiday Island Elks Lodge #1042 to purchase some specialty titles for our new library. The grant will support the purchase of large print books that help students with vision impairment, books for students with dyslexia, as well as books that teach tolerance, and conflict resolution. The library was organized by the School Librarian, Ginny Poe and Head Teacher, Rigdon Irvin who consulted with local Eureka Springs Library Director, April Griffith and staff member, Christina Danos. Dawn Ward, Director of Development for the school said she is “touched by the community support and generosity of the Elks Lodge for this project.”

Students are actively using the library and many of them have a favorite series that they are reading including The Puppy Place and Diary of a Wimpy Kid. They are excited to hear that there will be some new books coming soon. Head of School, Jessica FitzPatrick said the school is “grateful for the support from the Elks to help us improve our newly established library. These new books will benefit our students for many years to come.”

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